Ge Healthcare Marketing Plan
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Contents1.        Acknowledgment        52.        Description of the Framework Conditions        52.1        Description of the product idea        52.2        Selection of an Eligible Company        63.        Strategic Focus and Plan        63.1        Mission Statement        63.2        Business Model        74.        Situation Analysis        74.1        Global environmental factors        74.2        Relevant Market        84.3        Company Situation        115.        Marketing Strategy        146.        Market-Product Focus        156.1        Targeting        156.2        Positioning        156.3        Product Features        167.        Marketing Program        177.1        Pricing        177.2        Sales- and Distribution-Channels        187.3        Communication        197.4        Control Measures        198.        Implementation Plan        208.1        Go-to-market plan        208.2        Timeline        218.3        Key success factors and potential risks        219.        Supporting Information        229.1        Product development and the team        229.2        Additional Data        2510.        References        28AcknowledgmentHaving obtained my bachelor in electrical and computer engineering years ago, I am always inclined towards technical solutions and creativity in the technology field was more of a passion than a job.During my final year project at the American University of Beirut, I was lucky enough to be a member of an amazing, homogeneous, easy going, creative and passionate team with my colleagues Rand Kassamani and Rachad Ismail, and a great advisor, Professor Dr. Nasir Husni Sabbah.

Our masterpiece took a complete year to be ready. We were even contacted by Microsoft Corporation (Middle east division) in order to compete in the Microsoft Imagine Cup, where we placed second.Description of the Framework ConditionsDescription of the product ideaThe product in discussion is an innovation in the field of biomedical engineering and it is a handheld respiration monitor. It is a device that monitors the respiration pattern of a subject and allows the identification of respiratory and neurological disorders. The innovation in our product however, is mobility and connectivity. These two terms will occur at multiple stages in this marketing plan. The device is portable and very light weight, and can be connected to any pc or laptop using a standard USB 2.0 port as shown in the picture below. It is extremely energy efficient so it can use power through the USB connection, and no external power source needed. Going a bit more into technical details, the devices uses a series of high precision sensors and modules to gage pressure and digitize data which makes it compliant to the SMDA standard.The device is accompanied with a software that can be installed on any workstation with Microsoft Windows OS. The respiration monitor is operated through the software, where you can initiate the tests and collect the results that include but are not limited to: airflow speed, breathes per minute, lung capacity, residual air volume, as well as live monitoring of the breathing pattern. The results are then saved in form of a report on the workstation and uploaded to a cloud drive using Windows Azure technology so that the reports will be accessible from any location at any time. The software uses an encryption module to protect the account of the operator where he can find all his previous activities/tests.In this way, we can guarantee that data relevant to the operator is readily available for use which will save a lot of time and effort as well as minimizing the risks on patients in critical condition.Selection of an Eligible CompanyThe decision of the company to adopt and launch my product is GE Healthcare. This decision is based on my reasons, such as market position, brand image, technological advancement and sales force. Throughout this plan we will discuss how the position of GE healthcare will establish a standard in the medical device market through the launch of the respiratory monitoring and diagnostic device that will be branded as ‚ÄúXHALE‚ÄĚStrategic Focus and PlanMission StatementAs an established firm in the healthcare sector, and abiding by our slogan ‚ÄúWe Deliver‚ÄĚ, we always strive to provide the world with superior solutions. We employ our futuristic vision using our talents in favor of being a leader in the industry. Our goal is to be present in every medical institute around the globe and to be part of the efforts towards a healthy sustainable living. We are bringing to the world innovative yet affordable solutionsBusiness ModelWe reach out the world through a network of retailers starting from Germany and propagating worldwide in order to fulfill our vision. Providing affordable and reliable solutions to a big segment of consumer in the healthcare domain

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