A Response to Descarts Meditation 1
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I think descarts was right about the only thing we can truly
know is that we exist. All other thoughts, feelings, perseptinons and the like must be qustioned. Becuse we are human and to be human is to be falible. We can not assume

that we are corect in our basic asumtions about anything. Even the idea that we do exist (in some context) must be qustioned. The answer to that qustioning must inevitably be yes. I as the preciver of the world must exist. My capeability to ask “Do I infact exist ?” is proof that “I am”. Descarts I think was well aware that what he proposed did not go far enuf. At least not to truly

test the boundrys of our ability to look into our own ignorance of truth. But in those times to propose such a theory was to sentance yourself to death. Hence some dilution of the primary theses was required. I think however that descarts did a masterful job of laying a trail of crumbs. That anyone could follow without actually

saying that witch he knew would lead to greate personal misfortune, if not his own untimely demise.
I also agree with descarts that we, as humans are somewhat incapeable of truly
laying aside all belife in that witch we can not be entirely serton of. but insted we must resighn ourselves to ocationaly look off into the void of our own ignorance and contemplate what meaning this may have to our lives and our understanding of the world in witch we live. I am strongly convinced that if we, as humans are to develop

in to newer and grater insighs, we must learn to set aside that witch we think we know.

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