American History X
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American History X
American History X is about a life of white supremacist skinheads. Skinheads are like the Ku Klux Klan, also known as the KKK. The movie is a story shown in part as Edward Furlong, known as Danny Vinyard in the movie, has to write a paper about his brother Edward Norton, known as Derek Vinyard, and the simplicities of skinheads and how they are subjected into this type of life style. Derek is one of the main leaders of this particular organization, consisting of young white supremacists in southern California. Derek is working under the main leader of one of the most respected white supremacists klans. The main leader of this particular organization is known as Cameron. Cameron sends Derek to be the spokes person or rather the recruiter to find angry white young adults. The main part of this movie is when a group of white Americans win a basketball game against a group of African Americans for rights to a particular basketball court in their hometown. The African American group who lost the game decided to retaliate against Derek, by vandalizing his vehicle. While they are breaking into his vehicle the finds out and goes outside, killing one person that is by his front door by shooting him repeatedly in the chest and instantly kills him. He then shoots the guy that is breaking into his car in the shoulder, pistol whips him in the face and then continues to make him bite the curb and curb stump him. This instantly kills him. Derek is then sentenced to three years in jail. While in jail he opens his eyes and sees the errors of his ways and soon to be his old ways. He learns that he cannot survive his whole life hating any person who does not believe in his white supremacist beliefs. While in jail he is put on laundry duty with an African American. He realizes that people are not what they seem like on the outside, it is on the inside that matters. While Derek was in jail, his brother Danny, followed in his foot steps. Upon entering the real world again, he must now turn his attention

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