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Jealousy is a feeling every human experiences at one point or another in his or her life. No matter how hard we try, it is a feeling we humans can never comprehend. We tend to hide our emotions until they become impossible to ignore and we begin to question them. Cain, by Howard Nemeroy, is based on the Genesis story of the first murder. The reader is shown the depth of emotion Cain and Able experience, as the murder is committed. Cain refuses to accept life as it is, and as a result, his jealousy leads him to murder. At first, Cain does not accept how God has treated him, causing his envy to flare up. Later he realizes that he must take action on his feelings, as it is God’s temptation that has led him to commit a crime without feeling any regret.

Abel’s offerings are favored by God, which makes Cain very jealous of him. Troubled by God’s neglect, Cain begins to question why God prefers Abel’s offerings to his. But, “that is not the question you wish to ask” God says (48). In reality, Cain wants to ask, “why are things as they are” (48). Envious of his brother, Cain is dissatisfied by the way God ignores him over Abel. Even after everyone shows Cain that he is wrong, Cain continues to question his existence. He does not doubt that he is wrong, for it is he who says “you all seem to understand things much better than I do.” However, he goes on to question “what have I done wrong?” (45) Cain does not want his offerings to be accepted as equal to Abel’s, rather, for his offerings to be superior of the two. Cain says to God with bravery “I want my offerings to be preferred over Abel’s” (48). Cain’s jealousy towards Abel is now flaring up even more. Cain will not accept the fact that life is not going his way because of Abel. At this point, Cain understands that he must take action over his own life, and this decision may just cost a life.

After too much of Cain’s life has been put behind Abel, he realizes that he is not deserving of the kind of treatment he is receiving and that he cannot live with this burden. God advises Cain later to alter things if he does not like them the way that they are. God encourages Cain to change things so he can bring happiness into his life. “All things must be done, you must only do what you will. Things are as they are until you decide to change them”, God states boldly, “What is to stop you from ruling over Abel” (49-49). Cain takes Gods words to heart and gives into the temptation of murder. Cain then does as desires and stabs Abel. In anger Cain tells Abel “my sacrifices will be acceptable” (49). Cain does not regret these actions at all, for

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