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The potential company selected for this particular presentation was DHL. The company was selected as the Human resource manager, Mohamed Ibrahim, was close acquaintance of the group. The manager explained to the group how his department conduct induction programme for the newly joined employees during a conservation. In his explanation, the group identified that many of the employees, who conduct induction at DHL has a working experience less than a year. The manager highlighted that this was due to their job responsibility. The concept of induction interested the group as fits the scope for a potential topic.

The audience for the selected topic was the newly joined employees of DHL. The presentation for employee induction was incorporated with slides that include content made up of images, videos and sometimes even just a single word to engage the audience. Another, strategy used to connect with the audience was by sharing unique and valuable insights from a DHL employee. In the presentation the group also included a core message that differentiated DHL from its competitors. The word for word hook or core message was that at DHL we invite the new employees to be part of the DHL family. This is different from other organization is that most of these organization neglect new employees to mend for themselves creating division and poor working environment. The result was a presentation loved by the audience for its powerful arguments, exclusive employee stories and a core message that was memorable.

Headline of this presentation is welcome to induction programme for new employees. Induction (orientation) is concerned with the introduction of a new employee to the organization. In other words, induction is the process of receiving and welcoming employees when they first join a company and giving them a basic information they need to settle down quickly and happily and start work. induction as the process of familiarizing new

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