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The Constitution
Essay title: The Constitution
Holography is the process of storing information reflected off objects via light and using that information to produce a photograph of that object. The photograph has characteristics that bear striking resemblance to that of the real object. Unlike regular photographs taken, holograms can show the observer different perspectives of the object rather then just the front of an object (Jeong & Knowles, 1978).

The main developments and discoveries dealing with holograms started with Dennis Gabor. By 1917, he started to become fascinated with optics and their behaviors. He was puzzled by the fact that photography by cameras did not capture the 3-dimentional landscapes. He knew that somewhere in the photographic process, there was a loss of information. Gabor began to ponder on how he could improve photography so that he could capture that loss information. Thereafter, Gabor continued his research for more then thirty more years (Klein, 1970). During his research, Gabor was faced with a new problem called light coherence. During his early researching years, the light sources that he used did not have enough coherence. Finally, in 1960, the laser

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