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My choice selection between the two computers was the Dell laptop. I currently own a desktop computer, which I use quite frequently, but sometimes I wish I can pick it up and take it wherever I go. The laptop is light, portable, and great for traveling. Although the laptop is more expensive than the desktop, I think its worth the higher price for the simple fact that its portable.# The category that I chose was the Multimedia/Video. In choosing the laptop and the multimedia category together I can take advantage of many extracurricular activities that I enjoy and include my family at the same time.

Since Im a full time student I would first use the laptop for school purposes such as writing essays, research, and projects required for each subject. One advantage is being able to take the laptop to the library where I study best and not have to wait in line for a school computer. Another advantage is since Im not originally from this area the laptop is convenient for trips out of town. For example, when I go to visit my Mom in Ohio she doesnt have a computer. Most of the time its on a weekend when I have an assignment due that requires me to use the computer. Having the laptop gives me more time at home with my family versus having to go to the library and use a public computer.

The multimedia/video category also has many advantages. Again, because I dont have family in this area I can communicate with my sisters and brothers over the computer and keep my long distance phone charges to a minimum. Both my sisters have the web cam so of course I would have to purchase the web cam along with my laptop to be able to see them more often. I already have a digital camera that I can connect to my laptop and send them pictures and the slides from vacations. The photo quality printer would also be a great gift to myself because I can print the pictures of my nieces and nephews that my sisters and brothers send and the quality of the pictures will look professional.

The options that I feel are most important to the laptop pc are the following,
Microsoft XP Operating System
Pentium IV Processor
Among other features of the laptop I would purchase

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