The Big Chase – Whats the Definition of Love?
Essay Preview: The Big Chase – Whats the Definition of Love?
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The Big Chase.
By: Haley Kniola
Whats the definition of love? Well, there’s an infinity of definitions for love. Whats love in my eyes? Love to me is when that one person can turn your worst day to the best day. Love is when their the first person you think of when you wake up, and the last person when you go to bed. Love is when you think your going crazy because you can’t get them out of your head. Love is when you can just be yourself with each other. You don’t have to pretend your something your not, because they like you for who you are on the inside. Its that moment when everything goes slow and all you see is that one person. Its that moment when they hold your hand, or just slightly touch you, and you have sparks go through your whole body.

You may be asking why Im talking about the definition of love, well im talking about it because Im in love with my best friend. One thing everyone knows about falling in love with your best friend, things can get kinda crazy. This story is about my best friend and me. We’ve been best friends since we were born. Im myself when I am around him. I can be myself. Its the same for him. He can always be himself around me. We do almost everything together. We’re the same but not the same.

Im Infinity and my best friend is Matty. Im 18 years old. Im the quite type of girl. I guess most people say I am a loner. I live with my mom, step-dad, and my little brother,Ray. My mom owns a bakery. My step dad is a truck driver. Where is my real dad ? I have no idea. Last time I seen him ,was when I was a baby in court. I’ve never had a boyfriend. I only have two girl-friends, Karen and Sammy. I have more guy-friends. Thats only because their less drama.

Then there is my best friend Matty. Hes 18, only older then me by a few months though! He has no siblings, lucky flapper cracker. Matty acts like hes my dad. He likes to tell me whats better for me and safer, but we all know no matter what we do, there is always a possibility of getting hurt. Matty is a photographer in the making. His owns his own business.

this story is about how we connected, and how that was a problem for our friendship, and everything else to go along with it. Stick around. This story might just be unique in every way.

Chapter 1.
Meow.meow.meow. I really need to change my alarm clock. As I roll over my swinging bed (awesome I know) to face the ceiling I start to see little tiny feathers falling, when I put on my glasses to see clearly a whole case of feathers fell on me. I instantly jump up and look around who did that but I couldnt see anyone until I turned around and a innocent boy standing there smiling. Oh my dancing berries Matty.

“ Good morning sleeping beauty!” he said to me calmly
“ Are you going cracker barrels crazy?” I screamed at him
“ What? All I wanted was my best friend up so we can have the best day at school together.” he stated to me all innocent and sweet. I can just punch him with fluffy bears right now. I smiled evilly at him.

“ You want to be with me right now? I said with the most sweetest voice i have. He nodded yes.
“ Yeah, babe otherwise I wouldnt have dumped a whole bunch of fluffy feathers on you” he replied his voice deeper then the ocean.
“ Okay. You can go on an adventure with me FLUFFER BERRY CANNON!” I screamed. I started to chase him around my room. He didnt even run fast. But then theres me going as slow as a wobbling penguin. When I was about to catch him I slipped on a feather, and what did you know theres Matty sitting on the floor laughing his butt off.

“ Well, aren’t you such a gentlemen. Doesnt even bother to help a girl up” I retorted.
“ yup, the best out there bae” he replied knowing I hate that word. “But seriously are you alright Infy?” he asked with a caring voice.
I nodded
“ great, now I can do this” he said smiling while he started to tickle me to death. Ladies and beavers ,the award for the worst person ever goes to Matty Pan.

“ I hate you Matty!” I yelled laughing.
“ I love you more, now get up and get ready for school. We have some teachers to annoy.” he said while walking out laughing. Great now the terrifying part is what the heck do I wear?

Chapter 2.
Have you ever just sat in the car with your headphones in thinking about everything that has happened in your life? You ever wonder why things are the way they are? Or what other people are thinking? You sit there listening to a song and you just sit there wondering why the people that left your life left, or why the person your suppose to trust the most didnt even want you? Why people bully you? The past 4 years of my life ive been bullied. I wasnt at all popular. I stayed to my self. I wasnt the skinniest girls of the school, but I wasnt fat either. I was just average. Ive never been on a date, never had my first kiss, and I got made fun of for that. So school for me was more like a prison then a educational place. This time it was going to be different though. During the summer Matty and I went to the gym. I started to eat healthier, and lets say ive lost a lot of weight.

“ready?” he asked pulling into a parking lot at school.
“ As much as I can be” I stated. I opened the car door and got out nervously, I dont know why not like any things going to change. I was surprisingly beyond my belief wrong. The first person to that strolled by stopped and took in my new appearance was my old vest friend Angelica.

Angelica was my middle school best friend. We did everything together. But then we just started to drift apart. Sooner or later we just stopped talking.

“ come on Infy, we have to go to registration.” Matty said pulling me along.
After getting our class schedule Matty and I go over to the bleachers because our first our is study hall.
“ Infy?” Matty questioned
“ yes Matty?” I question back.

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