The Republic: Socrate Vs. Thrasymachus
Essay title: The Republic: Socrate Vs. Thrasymachus
Thrasymachus defines justice as the advantage of the stronger. In other words, justice is what benefits the rulers and is advocated by the laws they have set within their state. He believes that in any state, whether it be a monarchy, aristocracy, democracy or a tyranny, justice is not necessarily beneficial to the ruled, but only to the ones who are in rule. Furthermore, he states that true justice is not profitable to the one who is just and does just deeds but is not recognized for it. He believes injustice is far more profitable, especially in cases where injustice is done in disguise of justice. According to him, a clever man is one who can do injustice without paying penalty but reaping in its benefits.

This definition of justice is not in accord with Socrates, who refutes it with much discontent by Thrasymachus. He is accused of being a sycophant in addition to not being capable of answering

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