Stay at Home Mom Vs. Working Mom
Essay Preview: Stay at Home Mom Vs. Working Mom
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Stay At Home Mom vs. Working Mom
I would like to present to you two different scenarios: The first one is “Good Morning!
Guess what we are going to do today? Were going to the park and play at the playground. I
made lunch so wecan have a picnic”. The second scenerio is: “I have an important meeting at 2
oclock, but I will be done topick you up at the bus stop after school. Use the chunk-change on
my dresser to get some goodies from the store. Have a good day”. Im sure those of us who are
mothers can relate to the two scenarios. Althoughthere are similar
responsibilities said in both
scenarios, they definitely come from two different sources thestay-at-home mom and the
working mom. My definition of a stay-at-home mom is a mother who does not do work for
which she is paid for. My definition of a working mom is a mother who works outside of the
home as a paid employee. (I know your probably thinking about the work-at-home mom, but
thats another story.) Argueing over who should stay home and who should work puts mothers
against each other creating “The Mommy Wars”. Statistics show that in the year 2002 there
were 47,494 women working in Maryland. 3,034 women are unemployed. Women who choose
to stay-at home or work have several advantages and disadvantages.
Some advantages of the stay-at-home mother are staying home to take care of the family.
Mothers can be involved in extra curricular activities in the community or school. Mothers
dont have to pay for child care costs. Mothers can get household chores done like washing
dishes, cooking, and sweeping and mopping. Staying home doesnt cost as much as going to
work. You have to pay for lunch (sometimes) and transportation. Choosing to stay home can
also be beneficial to your kids, because they dont come in contact with as many viruses and
bacteria at home. Staying home can improve your communication between you, your kids, and
your spouse. Some disadvantages of staying home are loneliness. A mother can get very lonely
not talking to other adults. Having girlfriends is a huge support in being a stay-at-home mom
especially if they are stay-at-home-moms too. You have a friendly outing for yourself and
playtime for the kids at the same time. Mothers can become depressed and stressed from
staying home. She can get fustrated dealing with a cranky infant. It can become boring staying
home. A lot of mothers get stereotyped as being lazy, but thats not true at all. It is hard work
taking care of children. Mothers need time for theirselves too. I think the #1 disadvantage of
staying home is that you put your school or career goals on hold for the sake of your children.
Lets go on to the advantages of working. The #1 advantage of working

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