Language and Color in Communication
Language and color in communication
Complex subject
Language → Context → Meaning
Language And Color Perception Linked In Human Brain → science
Signs → traffic signals, sign boards
For example :
→ red cross
Zebra crossing
Emotions → red- anger, black- death, green- peace, pink- love, grey- depression, blue happiness (deep emotion), yellow- happy bright
Cultural significance
Political associations
To what extent can language restrict our ability to express our thoughts?
A subject, which I have chosen would be Psychology. The main reason I chose Psychology was because I knew it was a subject associated with human behavior, the human mind and how it works and why we do what we do. I find things to do with our thinking and behavior very fascinating and different. Personally, I found it interesting because it wasnt like any other subject, about word problems or formulas, psychology helped me learn something about the people on our planet, about myself and how my mind works.

After going to Psychology, I learned what it was really about and this come under shared knowledge. In class we learned that there are multiple branches in Psychology such as: Cognitive Psychology, Educational Psychology, Behavioral Psychology etc. When I actually learned in detail about the subject I learned that it is a systematic approach to human emotions, behavior, thoughts and also I understood that through the understanding of the study of humans it could help to actually

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