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The project in scope would be development of a top quality binocular that leverages the superior technology that the company has, its experience in the market and the need for such a product in the market. The key skills and expertise that would be required for this project include knowledge of the high end optical scope technology, knowledge about manufacturing and design, and knowledge of the market and customer needs to create a relevant product offering. Given that this is would be new product development, this would be a key strategic initiative, that would require a lot of focus, dedicated time and expertise and efficient design and testing, probably in an iterative fashion till a very good final product is developed. It can also be assumed that the company has the necessary budget and sponsor backing to make this project a success. Given the above context, considering the type of project, and competencies required and the need for focus, effective project management, close communication and coordination, along with availability of required resources, having a dedicated project team would be the best project structure for this project. This would allow the team to have full time cross functional experts, working as a separate entity thus bringing in focus and commitment, along with seamless and responsive communication that would ensure project success. The answers may vary from functional, matrix, or projectized (dedicated). The basis of the grading should be on the reasons behind the team structure selected. One form that may not be particularly well-suited is the strong matrix, as this creates a vertical project management structure (see PMBOK 4th edition, page 30). Other information needed includes time needed/required to complete the project, budget, and resource availability. Points Received: 10 of 10 Comments: * Times are displayed in (GMT-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)

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