The First 90 Days
Essay Preview: The First 90 Days
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Book Summary
The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels
Author: Watkins, Michael
Conceptual concept:
Promote yourself – to this point in your career will continue to do so.
Accelerate your learning – be systematic and focused about deciding what you need to learn and how you will learn it most efficiently.
Match strategy to situation
Secure early wins – builds personal credibility, creates value, and proves results.
Negotiate success
Achieve alignment – The higher you go in an organization the more you must bring structure into alignment with strategy.
Build your team
Create coalitions
Keep your balance
Expedite everyone
STaRS Model
Start up
Psychology – excitement and confusion

Building structures and systems from scratch

Welding together a cohesive high performing team

Making do with limited resources

Can do things right from the beginning

People are energized

No pre-existing rigid thinking
Support needed

Help getting needed resources quickly

Clear, measurable goals

Guidance at strategic breakpoints

Help staying focused
Decision making – Consult-and-decide
Psychology – despair

Re-energizing demoralized stakeholders

Handling time pressure, need for decisive impact

Going deep enough with difficult choices

Everyone recognizes that changes necessary

Acted constituencies may offer external support

A little success goes a long way
Support needed

Same as start-up, plus

Support for making and implementing tough calls

Support for changing or correcting external image of the organization

Help cutting deeply an early enough
Decision making – Consult-and-decide
Psychology – denial

Dealing with deeply ingrained cultural norms that no longer contribute to high performance

Convincing employees that change is necessary

Restructuring the top team in refocusing the organization

The organization has significant pockets of strength

People want to continue to see themselves as successful
Support needed

Same as start-ups, plus

Help making the case for change
Decision making – build consensus
Sustaining success
Psychology – complacency

Playing good defense by avoiding decisions that cause problems

Living in the shadow of a revered leader

Finding ways to take the business to the next level

A strong team

People are motivated to succeed

Foundations for continued success may be in place
Support needed

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