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Nature of the Disease:
Cardiovascular disease includes all diseases of the heart and blood vessels. The major cardiovascular conditions are coronary heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular disease. One of the major contributing factors to cardio vascular disease is a build up of fatty tissue [called atherosclerosis] on the inside lining of the arteries. This build up interferes with the supply pf blood around the body.

Epidemiological Trends:
CVD accounts for approximately 40% of all deaths in Australia and is the leading cause of death. However death rates have declined considerably over recent decades and show signs of continuing to fall. Males are more likely than females to experience CVD, but the gender difference decreases with age. The decline in mortality rates are due to improved medical care and a reduction is risk behaviour that contributes.

Risk Factors:
Family history
Advancing age
Raised blood fat levels
High blood pressure
Obesity and overweight conditions
Abdominal obesity
Physical inactivity
Groups at Risk:
Tobacco smokers
People with a family history
People with high blood pressure
People who consume a high fat diet
People aged over 65
Blue collar workers

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