Cold Equations Paper
Cold Equations Paper
11972 N, 48030 W of Mimir
Bearing at Mach 15 traveling
SE Heading to Woden
EDS Ship
Mr. And Mrs. Lee Cross, Parents of Marilyn Lee Cross,
17902078, Earth, North Hemisphere, 160 N 90 E,
Bayou Street, LA., Third sub level, 1268477
Dear Mr. And Mrs. Cross:
I am sorry to inform you that there seems to be a problem with your daughter. She somehow stumbled upon one of our spacecrafts bound for Woden. She disregarded all signs regarding her safety. We were on course to Woden when I noticed that the weight indicator read a little high, I knew that we had a stowaway. I went to the cargo bay where I found your daughter. On an EDS ship the punishment for a stowaway is to be jettisoned. For some strange reason I didn’t just jettison her immediately like law says to do. I stalled , tried to get to know your daughter as best that I could. I soon realized that Marilyn was innocent. I tried to stall the inevitable as long a possible. But my commander

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