The Best of Enemies
Essay Preview: The Best of Enemies
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Memphis, TN
May 7, 1991 Larar&Co Publishing Home Delivery $0.31
Girl kidnapped
by super spys thugs
By Brendan Larar
Bess Marvin, a good friend of
popular detective Nancy Drew was kidnapped
Thursday by the thugs of German super spy
known as “Klaus”. She was reportedly kid-
napped when “Klaus” found out that Nancy
and her good friends (the Hardy Brothers)
knew too much information about her new
case. “Klaus” took Bass hostage and warned
Nancy and the Hardys to drop what they were
doing on her case or their friend would be
put to death. Startled Nancy and the Hardys
solved the case and got their friend Bess
Marvin back safely.
Fire breaks out
at famous tourist attraction
by Brendan Larar
A fire broke out Wednesday at Left-Hand Louies. Its a
restaurant that attracts many tourists. This tourist
attraction is known for its left-handed guitar played and
signed by Elvis Presley. Authorities still dont know
what started the fire but believe it was started with a
greasy dumpster in the back of the building. Authori-
ties found a brass tube at the scene of the blaze. Police
are still investigating.
By Brendan Larar
Should Beau Davis be accused of stealing
Louie Pardees famous guitar?
I, the editor, think that Beau Davis should be arrested for stealing Louie Pardees famous guitar. He came to Memphis to try to start a career in music, found a liking to Louies guitar, and had to steal it. He put offers to buy the guitar and had to be the one to steal it.

Dear Editor,
I think that Beau Davis did not steal the guitar. He is innocent. Although everything in your article is true there really is no evidence that he stole the guitar. Beau Davis is just a good guy that came into town with the

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