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Community policy initiative of Dayton police department.
Dayton police department has a community policing initiative headed by a community-police council. The council comprises of youth groups, churches, businesses, local government representatives and representatives of police officers. It is responsible for overseeing, developing, and assisting the community to reduce disorder and crime levels. Additionally, various agencies in the council help in building and improving the trust between people and the Dayton police department. The department is also committed to enhancing accountability and responsibility of police activities of the Dayton community. Solving crime has never been easy without the cooperation of the population hence the need for the two to work together. Therefore no significant variation exists in how agencies practice community policing.

In most cases, various agencies consult the community to assist them in identifying suspects. For instance, the downtown engagement project commissioned in 2013 has dramatically helped the police identify the mentally ill and homeless. Dayton PD teamed up with agencies committed to fighting drug addiction such as the Montgomery County Alcohol to create the Downtown Engagement Project. Since then, the department has been able to identify women, men, and children that may benefit from the project. Besides, members of the community-developed trust and confidence since the implementation of community policing strategies. In this instance, they freely contact the police to provide information about security issues. Thus, security and the level of engagement between members of Dayton PD and the society has dramatically improved.

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