Infinite Oblivion
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Someday Ill soar like an eagle totally oblivious to my surroundings and for once time, as a fourth dimension would cease to exist. As if eternity would sit next to me unassumingly and time would virtually stop by moving with bolted feet in sand. The mere thought of achieving this state of mind makes me enthralled to the fullest. There are flashes of brilliance that take me near to my nirvana, as I imagine it, but a rude awakening always ends my flight and I hit the earth with a thud. And every fall makes me more adamant in achieving my dream of making for the sky, reach out for the heavens and experience what its like to defy gravity. It seems almost divine an experience of being able to float in absolutely nothing, devoid of any emotions which peg me back to my surrounding. I would realize why space is Gods stature and how strong an element air can be. Floating aimlessly, defeating the burly winds on the highest grounds and the best part would be to have absolutely no abstract feelings of anguish, deceit, disappointments to take me back to the familiar surroundings I came from. The panorama stretched in front in my flight would almost seem to go on for ever and Ill be on the move but would have no definite place to go. In my days of fatigue Id stay perched at the top of the highest cliffs and stand in the shadows waiting for night to fall and then make eye contact with god through

the millions of stars that would that would have risen from there slumber only to marvel at what I had attained .My trance would only be further enhanced by a swan I would pluck from her embellished flight. She would go places with me where words of mine could not take us, listen to much more than I can say and herself would be a proficient flyer. I would be enchanted by the poetic movements of her wings and follow the trail of her flight as she took me to unexplored territories which were just meant for us to uncover together. Her beauty would want me to stretch

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