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Realtionship with Nature
Essay Preview: Realtionship with Nature
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My Relationship with Nature
In my life, I havent had many life changing experiences with nature. It has just kind of always been there. A few more memorable times in nature are: when I went to the snow for the first time last year, when I embarked on an all day hike at Shaver Lake over the summer, and when I went deep sea fishing.

When I arrived to the high school my freshman year, I began to make a lot of new friends. Older more mature friends with a lot more freedom than what I was used to. They werent bad kids at all, thats why they had all of that freedom. But, one of these freedoms was going to the snow just about every weekend during winter because they were all big snowboard fanatics. When they had learned that I had never been to the snow, they decided that theyre goal for the winter was to take me to the snow and teach me how to snowboard. I came to be very excited because finally I had a weekend free and was able to make the trip up with them. We stayed at Austins cabin up at dodge ridge and it happened to be the storm of the year. Even they had said that they had never seen that much snow at dodge. When the day finally came to hit the slopes, I was quite nervous. Once I got out there I did worse than I thought I would. I absolutely hated it! I was wet, cold, frustrated, and all around miserable. I have been the snow many times since and I still hate it to this day. I hate being so cold that my hands wouldnt move. I guess I am not much of a snow person!

This past summer, for the 4th of July, I went to my buddy Ronnys cabin at Shaver Lake. We had a full weekend planned out where we were going to do anything from fish, to wake board, and an incredibly gnarly hike. We decided to embark the hike on Saturday morning, so we all got up at six and got all of the supplies ready. We had water, food, and not much else. We probably got on the trail at about eight oclock A.M. It was very cold and even though it was June, there was a lot of snow on the ground. The hike ended up being 4 hours there and 3 back ( We got lost on the way to the lake we were hiking to because the snow covered up the trail and many markings). It was a very difficult hike up and down two steep ridges in the snow. We were all slipping and sliding every step we took. We got back to the car around three oclock and back to the cabin at about four. I immediately passed out into what would be one of the best naps I have ever taken.

About three years ago, I went deep sea fishing for the first time with my friend Chaz. His dad picked us up at about seven in the morning and we drove out to Morro Bay. We loaded the boat into the jetty and we were off. We finally got out of the jetty and the boat sped up. At first I felt fine, reeling in the first three fish within 5 minutes. Then, suddenly I felt extreme discomfort in my stomach region. I then

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