Mid Summer Nights Dream
Essay Preview: Mid Summer Nights Dream
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1. What kind of CONFLICT do we see in ACT I, Scene I?
Who is involved?
Egeus is a father that only wants best for his daughter Hermia. Hermia is in love with a man named Lysander, and the man her father wants her to marry is Demetrius. Lysander thinks up of an idea and tells Hermia to sneak out into the woods the next night so that they may get married at his aunts house just outside of Athens. Helena, Hermia best friend loves Demetrius, but realizes he only has eyes for Hermia. Helena tells Demetrius about Lysanders plan hoping that he will love Helena. So the conflict in this scene is that Egeus does not want his daughter to marry Lysander. But instead they both elope.

2. Explicate Hermia and Lysanders exchange re love in ACT I, Scene I (lines 130-155).
In these lines Lysander and Hermia are expressing there love for one another. “The course of true love never did run smooth,” is saying that even everyone has some bumpy roads along the way to marriage and true love. Some people may not like the fact of ones love for anothers, but have to deal with it. Hermia is telling him that she is too old but to young to get married. And I am thinking that she is a little scared to go all the way with it but her heart is telling her to.

3. What is HELENAs situation in ACT I?
Helena, Hermias best friend is stuck in a situation of loving someone that loves another. The person Helena loves (Demetrius), loves Hermia. Hermia does not love him though but loves someone else. She plans to run off and get married with him. Helena is sad that Demetrius does not see that she loves him more than Hermia will ever and tells him about Hermias plans to run off and get married, hoping she will change his mind about his feelings about Hermia.

4. Who are the players and why are they in the woods
outside of Athens?
The players are Peter Quince, Nick Bottom, Francis Flute, Tom Snout, Snug, and Robin Starveling. They are gathered to perform for the Dukes Wedding. The play is meant to be a tragedy and a comedy at the same time. They all go out to the woods; witch is outside the city so they can rehearse their parts for the play.

5. Who is PUCK? What is he like?
Robin Goodfellow is the man that plays as puck. He is a harmful annoying, trouble maker that causes most of the trouble in the play. He also stirs up a huge conflict with peoples love for one another.

6. Are Oberon and Titania happy w/ each other in ACT II,
Scene I? Why or Why not? What kind of impact does this
have on their realm?
Oberon and Titania are not happy with each other and start to argue on stage, and both of them accuse each other of infidelity and jealousy. Titania is accused of have stolen a young boy, which she keeps with her and spends time caring for him. Oberon is jealous of all the attention the boy is getting and demands that Titania give the boy to him, but she refuses. Titania falls in love with Nick Bottom due to the powers of the juice from the flower. Nick Bottom is presented as a donkey (ass).

7. What is Oberons plan regarding Titania?
Oberon wants revenge for embarrassing him on stage. He sends Puck to get some of those pansies, that make a person love the first thing he/she sees when they

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