Analysis of a Workplace Application Architecture and Process Design
Essay Preview: Analysis of a Workplace Application Architecture and Process Design
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Analysis of a workplace application architecture and process design
An information system is an arrangement of people, data, processes, interfaces, networks, and technology that interact for the purpose of supporting and improving both day-to-day operations in a business (sometimes called data processing), as well as supporting the problem solving and decision making needs of management (sometimes called information services). (Whitten and Bentley, 1998, page 706)

This paper will describe a work related information systems architecture in terms of data, processes, interfaces and network.
Data. Data for this project is termed as narrative and non-narrative. As discussed in a previous paper, legacy data was transmitted via an older binary file transfer protocol. To improve upon data transfer, and transfer non-narrative data (files), a new transfer methodology had to be adopted. This methodology required evolvement around use of Internet Protocols (IP), and to support a broadcast only method, User Datagram Protocol (UDP) or Multicast Protocols were necessary.

Processes. To make data transfer occur, transfer of data paradigm shifts will be required. The current processes will not port over to the new protocol, so new processes will have to be constructed, tested and implemented. The current methodology for narrative data transfer is manpower intensive, and some automation of this functionality will occur. Non-narrative data transfer concept of operations will require discussion, design, testing, and implementation.

Interfaces. Use of legacy message input via the legacy software and hardware system called the Message Distribution Terminal (MDT) is the primary interface for the Naval Messaging Architecture. Non-narrative input will occur at an enclave level via the Secret IP Router Network (SIPRNET). While the Information Screening and Delivery Sub-system is not an operator-less system, it is a “managed” system. Full time dedication to the operation of the system is not necessary, but periodic management of the system will be required.

Network. This topic is often referred to as “geography”, or the ability to move data from one location to another. The network will be constructed with three distinct enclaves to support

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