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Dark cave allegory
> “ In the hands of a thoughtful individual, the Allegory of
> the Cave as a metaphorical description can be the key for
> the combination of the ideas, which a priory exist inside
> the sphere of nous at a chaotic situation.”
> In The Cave, Plato describes a vision of shackled prisoners
> seated in a dark cave facing the wall. Chained also by their
> necks, the prisoners can only look forward and see only
> shadows. These shadows are produced by men, with shapes of
> objects or men, walking in front of a fire behind the
> prisoners. Plato states that for the prisoners, reality is
> only the mere shadows thrown onto the wall. Another vision
> is releasing a prisoner from his chains, how his movements
> are difficult, his eye adjustment painful and suggestions of
> the effects of returning to the cave. The Cave suggests to
> us that Plato saw most of humanity living in the cave, in
> the dark, and that the vision of knowledge and the
> conversion to that knowledge was salvation from darkness.
> For the prisoners the shadows were their reality as they did
> not know any better. So therefore these prisoners mistake

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