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This is not an outcry against the media. This is not about having the last word.
It is about waking up a nation from its deep slumber that accepts structures that are failing to perform. That accepts voyeurism as a way to live. That blames everyone but themselves for the situation they are in. A culture in which self-absorbed individuals/families think nothing of the legacy that they are leaving behind for their future generations – so long as they win the rat race – at all costs.

It is about holding ourselves accountable for the state-of-affairs as opposed to merely seeing ourselves as helpless bystanders being tossed around like a tennis ball in the jugglery of power and multitude nexus between the structures that more-or-less define our nation – the politicians, media and industry sectors.

I am not asking that we give up our daily lives and go out on the roads and rebel. Instead, I am only saying, Ask Questions. That is all it takes. Ask questions.

Question everything. Everything. Then, reflect on the answer. Debate with an open mind and shape your thoughts. Thoughts will define your words and action – you will define what you do and therefore your life. Thought is all powerful – therefore, at all times, consciously strive towards evolving your thoughts. It is the basis of your success, relationships and your life.

Why? It builds our ability to think critically, which we sorely lack, as opposed to merely feeding on what is handed down to us as gullible audience. And, at an individual level, in our daily lives, it makes us more careful in building our beliefs and shaping our opinions, it helps us embrace balance and makes us purposeful in our thoughts and actions. It makes us take charge of what our lives are, what we will accept and what we will not? It makes us shape the nation, subtly, but powerfully. It builds our self-esteem. And, eventually, it emerges in collective action that directly impact us – be it in exercising our choice in the government to be in power, to the quality of news we choose to hear and on to the stability of our homes where children are brought up on value systems that give them strength and resilience to live with compassion and wisdom.

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