My Blueberry Nights
Essay Preview: My Blueberry Nights
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My Blueberry Nights
After watching My Blueberry Nights directed by Wang Kar-Wai, I sense that there are some issues referred in the movie. The movie gives not only perfect plots and shots but also provides audience with questions which everyone may encounter. What will you do if you find that your boyfriend or girlfriend betrays you? Elizabeth, after her discovery of her boyfriend’s love affair with other woman, leaves her keys to Jeremy in case her ex-boyfriend comes to collect them. The keys, I think, represent past love or memories. Elizabeth returns to the cafĩ that Jeremy runs several times to see whether the keys are taken. This action suggests that it is hard for Elizabeth to leave the past love, the memory with her ex-boyfriend. It really happens in daily life, and people don’t know how to deal with such misery. Crying will never be a solution. Elizabeth decides to go on a journey to rest and also to find who she is, I think. In the journey, she meets Arnie, a local policeman, grieving about the fact that his wife Sue has left him. The movie talks about drink. Arnie tries to quit drinking for several times but fails. He makes a bad decision to solve the problem of his failure in love and quitting alcohol—committing suicide. There is a contrast between male and female, Elizabeth seeks for answers whereas Arnie seeks for an end. Life is made of difficulties; love is a major one of them. Indeed, seeking an end will not be a good decision because you will eventually find your Mr. Right which the movie also tells us in the end.

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