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What Was D-Day?
Essay Preview: What Was D-Day?
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What Was D-Day?Who and what were the Allies? The Allies were the American, British and Canadian forces that were friends joined together in a common cause against Hitler and his Nazi Germany. Why did the Americans, British, and Canadians invade Europe in June of 1944? The Americans’, British and Canadians invaded Europe in June of 1944 Because they were trying to kill Hitler and stop him from overtaking all of Europe and taking away everyone’s freedom.   What countries made up the Axis powers? The three countries that made up the Axis powers were Japan, Italy, and Germany. The United States tried to stay out of the war against Germany. What historical event on the other side of the world led to the United States entering World War II? The historical event on the other side of the world that led to the United States entering World War II was when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and we decided to bomb Japan and kill our enemies.  Who created and “built” the Atlantic Wall? Adolf Hitler is the person that created and built the Atlantic Wall. Chapter 7 describes the actual landing on the beaches during the morning of June 6th. How did the start of the invasion of Europe initially go?

The start of the invasion of Europe on the beaches of Sword, Juno, and Gold beaches went well at first.  By the time the troops reached Omaha Beach, things did not go as well. The beach had a wall of high cliffs behind it and over a thousand Germans up high that opened fire on the Allied troops. The soldiers also had to walk and swim in several hundred yards of water to get to the beach from their landing boats. This made it very easy for the Germans to shoot their guns at the soldiers from the cliffs. Because of these difficulties, a lot of soldiers died and Omaha Beach became known as “Bloody Omaha”.    Pick a hero from the D-Day invasion and describe how he acted heroicallyThere are several stories of heroes during the D-Day invasion in the book that were very brave. I think my two Great-Grandpas, Everett Brown and David Tindall were the greatest heroes of all though. Both brave family members attacked the beaches of Normandy, were shot by the Germans, and still survived to tell my parents great stories about it. They also actually made it to the beaches on D-Day and climbed the cliffs.Opening a hole in Hitler’s Atlantic Wall came with a steep price. What was the price the Allies paid?

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