Safeguards and Controls
Essay title: Safeguards and Controls
There are many different ways to reduce or eliminate risks in a business. Determining which ones are best appropriate is very important. My partners and I had to first determine what our risks were in order to design the most effective safeguards and controls for our business. Our main risks include the quality of: customer service, confidentiality and security of customer information, security of our store, finance management, and employee training.

Without our customers we wouldn’t have a business. We plan on setting up simple guidelines to ensure that our customers are happy and will come back. Here are our top three. Always answering the phone shows the customer that we are a responsible and committed business. Listening to our customers so that we are not just trying to sale a product; they are buying exactly want they want. Handling complaints is extremely important and will be dealt with quickly and courteously. Being in a small town having good customer relations is critical.

With the virtual store on the internet, we want to provide security and protection for confidential data and equipment. We want to prevent fraud, information theft and viruses. A security camera will be set in the store to help protect our store and the honesty of employees.

Managing finances is how to determine whether a business is making it. My partners and I want to apply

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