Expected Benefits to the Organization
(g) Expected benefits to the organizationThis system could provide a numerous expected benefits to the organization, which could be measured in terms of qualitative and quantitative factor. This system provides tangible and intangible benefits which includes cost savings, improved customer service, productivity increases, improved data processing, better decision making, greater management control, increased job satisfaction, and increased employee morale. In terms of qualitative factor, which cannot be measured quantitatively, is that customer loyalty could be attained through the system, which would relatively lead to a better reputation of the organization. Customer loyalty is attained through a number of ways but mainly it could be easily achieved through capturing customer satisfaction by an efficient system of Find Your Food. This system stands as a handy tool for customers as technology is being a part of our everyday life and habits which would generally leads to a higher number of usage by customer as it is making them feel convenient as they would be able to order food which is in accordance to their preference and choice from wherever they are as long as they are capable of getting into the organizations system this would generally leads to the achievement of customer satisfaction. Next, as the system provide them with the operating hours of the restaurant this helps the customer to place their order at any time that they require food that leads the customers to feel easier to order and receive their food even at abnormal hours. As when customer are satisfied with the service provided they tend to come back to the same system for the similar service attained previously which leads to customer loyalty. Besides that, customer that are loyal tend to promote this system through by ‘word of mouth’ marketing which is considered one of the best marketing method to promote other people to use this system which could relatively increase the sales of the organization. Moreover it leads to improve the ordering accurateness along with an improvised customer service, which reduces the possibilities of misunderstanding or miscommunication between the customers who is placing their order with the employees of the restaurant due to the existence of language barrier, which generally because of the slang of pronunciation always misled the customer order whereas through this system this problem is solved. This is problem is solved as the orders are specifically selected and placed by the customer itself on screen before the payment is made this engages the customer to have a better relationship with the organization while enhancing the customer service of the organization, therefore it leads to a greater level of customer satisfaction. As in quantitative factors in helps to increase the sales of the organization by minimizing the miscommunication of orders as the orders placed by the customers in the systems are more accurate and precise while eliminating wastage of cost in the kitchen as it avoids wrong preparation of food order as the order are notified in a very precise manner electronically to the kitchen directly as the order is placed by the customer. In addition, the system helps the organization to function in a more organized manner where it eliminates most of the manual process that involve as it is computerized now this tend to eliminate the paper cost involved in filing the documents in hardcopy for the organization. This system provides a relatively more secured system as it removes any possible ways for the employees to manipulate the number of order received to provide fictitious record of order along with the sales to commit any forgery as most of the orders received are immediately updated to the orders received file and each order received are recorded electronically as well as it would be restricted to only authorized employee to get the access to it. This would generally increase the morale of the employee of the organization which would reduce the employee turnover as the employees would be aware of the responsibilities of themselves in the organization on what they should do and what they should not do clearly. In addition, this proposed system helps to cut down their the labor cost, as the organization doesn’t require to employ a huge number of waiter to take on order as this system has take over their job while the organization doesn’t need to worry on the employee’s behavior of taking leave frequently. Furthermore, as customers are required to provide feedback upon receiving their food on delivery helps the organization to continuously improvise their service provided to remain competitive and provide a satisfying service to its customer. Additionally, it provides access to prominent system which simplifies the work of the organization authorities in identifying and evaluating their movement of sales as well as the tracking the responding behavior of the customers towards the promotions by the restaurants in order for the organization to includes such kind of elements in the system in near future to meet the needs of the customer in order to be able to attract a huger customer. This is done as all of the order and related records are updated to their relevant master file immediately as the transaction takes place and when the report is generated in every week it ease the management of the organization to identify and evaluate the sales that is requires to be analyzed for future implementation of strategy. In addition, it also leads to a simplified management work as in case there is any alterations in the menu of restaurants in can be updated immediately in the system as there is no need to reprint a number of menu to be replaced consequently this indirectly minimize the cost and work involved in the alteration or update of the menu for the organization.

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