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FOR TVS motors
SIP project report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the PGDBM Program
Submitted by,
Anubhav Sharma
I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and deep gratitude to all those who extended their whole hearted co-operation and helped me in completing this project successfully.

First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Niraj Kulshreshtha (AGM Planning & Service) for giving me an opportunity to undertake the project in their esteemed organization.

I express my sincere gratitude to my company guide Mr. Deepak Hasija (Area Manager) and Ankur Gupta (Territory manager) for giving me an opportunity to undertake Customer Satisfaction survey as a summer intern. Their inspiring suggestions and timely guidance enabled me to perceive the various aspects of the project in a new light.

In all I found a congenial work environment in the After Sales Service Department at TVS and completion of these projects will mark a new beginning for me in the coming days.

Executive Summary
About The Industry
About The Company
Survey 1 and its analysis
Survey 2 and its analysis
Survey 3 and its analysis
Survey 4 and its analysis
Service station audit and customer satisfaction survey
Interpretations And Conclusion
Limitations Of The Study
Scope For Further Improvements
This report is about the work done during the summer internship program at TVS MOTOR CO. LTD. in the Area Service Department for 2 months in the i.e. from 2nd April 2007 to 2st June 2007. It contains a detailed description of all the projects, which were accomplished at TVS. Before the projects were started we were asked to visit the dealerships and workshops of TVS as well as its competitors and get an idea about their products, price-list, financing schemes offered by different dealerships of different companies as well as their after sales service provisions at their workshops. The first project was a market research project to find the customer satisfaction index after they receive the after sales service, which was done through surveys filled by customers at the dealerships, parking lots etc. for 5 dealers in Delhi. Also, the details of the results are presented which reveals the customer satisfaction level at each dealership are dissatisfied due to some common reasons, which if rectified at each dealership would increase the level of satisfaction amongst customers and the common problems faced by them at each dealership. Suggestions were given to the dealerships in consultation with the company personal so as to meet the customers expectations. Also, post service follow-up was done by calling the customers and asked for their feedback for one dealership and customer complaints were reported to them. Suggestions were given to the respective dealership so that these kinds of problems do not repeat again.

The 2nd project, which was a finance related project, deals with The credit rating of new proposed dealership for TVS, which is an important part of any business. Ratio Analysis was used as a tool to find the credit rating, which suggests whether the proposed dealer is financially stable and credible. The rating was given through software developed by Ethikos management consultancy. Based on the rating, suggestions were made whether TVS should accept the proposal of the new dealership or not.

Also, recommendations are given for the dealerships, which should be implemented so as to satisfy the customers and increase the customer satisfaction index. In the end, limitations for the study indicate the reasons that limited the scope of the study and suggestions to increase its scope and usage were then suggested.

Summer Internship is an important part of every PGDBM curriculum where we meet people from the industry, gain practical experience and knowledge working with them, learn from their experiences and try to apply our theoretical knowledge into practice. Thus, it plays an important role in shaping up the learning process of a manager. In order to gain such experience, I have done my summer internship at TVS Motor Co. Ltd. I was working from the Area Office in Delhi, which is the Head Office for northern region. I under the Area Service Manager, Mr. Adesh Pandey, who assigned me a project “To find out the level of satisfaction amongst customers after receiving After Sales Service”. This project was a market research based. Also, another project assigned to me was “To find the Credit Rating for New Dealership Development”. It was a finance-based project. It was done under the guidance of a management consultancy that handles TVS cases for credit rating of dealers. The total duration of my training was two months i.e. from 2nd April to 1st June. The market research project was conducted for five dealerships in Delhi where surveys were used as a tool to collect data. Customers of the five dealerships were made to answer the questions in the survey to know their level of satisfaction about the after sales service. After the survey was completed, results were interpreted and submitted in the form of a presentation to show the major reasons for dissatisfaction amongst the customers and if any problem emerges it was sorted out in consultation

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