Look at the Financial Statements of Your Chosen Company and Calculate Some Basic Financial Ratios to Analyze the Company’s Health and Performance
In this assignment, look at the financial statements of your chosen company and calculate some basic financial ratios to analyze the company’s health and performance.

Fill in the table below with information from the financial statements provided in your chosen company’s case study. Calculate the % change between the current year and previous year for each item. Remember to correctly identify the currency for your case study.

Most Current Year
% Chg (+/–)
Previous Year
Current Assets
$60,000 CAD
$27,188 CAD
Total Assets
$83,500 CAD
$50,492 CAD
Current Liabilities
$41,262 CAD
$70,854 CAD
Total Debt
$83,500 CAD
$50,492 CAD
$53,000 CAD
$14,480 CAD
Cost of Goods Sold
-$29,500 CAD
$8,478 CAD
$40,000 CAD
$16,341 CAD
Net Income/Loss
$62,600 CAD
-$16,822 CAD
From the information in the table above, identify which line items are increasing with a plus sign and which are decreasing with a minus sign. Evaluate whether the change from the previous year is good or bad for the company’s performance and explain why.

Current Assets and total assets are increasing. More assets are always better. In this case, current liabilities are also decreasing, meaning that more of the corporate assets are wholly owned by Deep Roots Distillery. Total debt is increasing, though this is primarily due to the increase in surplus. This could be a good thing (more product to create from raw goods in the coming year), or a bad thing (too much surplus and some could spoil prior to production). Sales are also increasing, which is always a good thing. Net income is projected to increase, however, given that no salaries are being paid out for work, the increase appears to be deceiving. Inventory and cost of goods cost movement is weird. Inventory increased (potentially leading to spoilage), while COGS decreased (due to the overage in inventory)

Use the information in the table above to calculate the following financial ratios. Explain what the result of each ratio says about your chosen company’s financial health.

Current Ratio
Current ratio is current assets divided by current liabilities
For 2014 the current ratio is: .38
For 2015 the current ratio is: 1.45
The current ratio is moving in the right direction. The 2014 ratio was extremely low, however, moving up

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