The Benefits of Twisted Pair Cable
Essay Preview: The Benefits of Twisted Pair Cable
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The Benefits of Twisted Pair Cable
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The Ocper Inc is having a current working network with 20 peer-to-peer network computers. Hence cost related to setting up the network is not a concern. Before increasing the network size to double, first the organization needs to change the layout of the architecture in the way the systems are connected. This will help in utilizing the network capacity at the highest and increasing data transfer speed. As a hired consultant network, I would recommend the president to change the current network type to twisted pair cable because by having coaxial cable used for carrying lower-frequency signals, frequency signals along a single center conductor whereas for twisted pair cable twisting two insulated wires together improves their electrical characteristics at lower voice frequencies and prevents signals from crossing into adjacent wires. According to the article Networking 116 it states, “In general, coaxial cable is more expensive by a factor of two or three, than twisted pair, and more expensive by a smaller factor than shielded twisted pair.” (Networking 116) It means that twisted pair cables is more suitable and allows the signa l to travel longer distances.

As the organization is currently running the network in a simple peer to peer networking topology, each system is connected to each other in the network, which makes the network totally dedicated but it increases the cost of networking and cost related to cables. Moreover, in such type of networks, every computer is connected to the other computer in the system, but many of the connections serve no major purpose. To reduce the cost maintaining the network speed efficiently as well as securing the access rights, it would be better to connect the computers in a way where one of the systems would be the administrator and the others are going to be connected with limited access. As far as the network goes I would first suggest switching it to a Client/Server network. This type of network is far more beneficial than the current setup as it gives you room to expand without too much of a difficulty. By upgrading to this type of network you will also save money as you will be able to share hardware such as printers through multiple stations. Also by using this type of network regarding about communication will very time efficient through an Instant Messaging program through the network, your co-workers will be able to chat quickly through this. The system monitor will be able to monitor the chat to make sure its appropriate for work as well. This will make it easy for the System Administrator to keep all the systems running efficiently.

I would suggest switching from the coaxial cable to an unshielded twisted pair cable. This type of cable is a very inexpensive and readily available. The advantages of UTP cables

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