The Better Candidate
The Better Candidate
It’s almost that time of the year again, the time to select the President of the United States of America. The Presidential Election visits us every four years and it falls on November 4th. Haven’t decided on whom to vote yet, well its time to make up your mind because that time is just a month around the corner. This year, our current President George W. Bush is running against Senator John Kerry. These two men have different views on several social and political issues. I believe that George Bush’s policies are better for our country that’s why I vote him as the better candidate. The two most important political policies are War and Foreign Policy and the two social policies are Homeland Security and Abortion.

George W. Bush has done as much as he could when it comes to War. He’s been trying his hardest ever since the attack on the towers and is not giving up. He’s kept our troops in the country of Iraq and Afghanistan to fight terrorism and ensure our safety from destructive weapons. I don’t think that John Kerry can make more of a difference than what President Bush has done. In Iraq, Bush was able to capture Saddam Hussein which is just as much of a threat as Osama bin Laden. President Bush knows what he’s doing while Senator Kerry keeps on talking about how his plan will be better but never says how. He is too worried about Afghanistan and Osama that he is forgetting about the problems in Iraq. On the other hand, President Bush is working on both countries, which makes him the better leader.

Another political policy is Foreign Policy, which Bush is taking care of well. He respects all of the allies because he beliefs that they should get equal respect compared to everyone else. He is helping out other countries around the world such a Taiwan and Russia. When he said that he wanted to stop terrorism he meant it. Not only is he helping Iraq and Afghanistan but Russia too, which shows he cares about the allies.

A big social policy is Abortion. Bush is Pro-Life and feels like no child should have his or her life taken away and I feel the same exact way. You can call it taking away women’s right to choose or you can call it murder and murder it is for me. On the other hand, Senator Kerry is trying to get the women’s votes by saying

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