Of Mice and Men Alternate
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I walked into the barn and over to the pups. “Dang it, Lenny” I said aloud, “He took his pup and left his hat.” I stooped to pick up the brown hat but paused when I saw Curleys wifes magenta shoe partially buried in the hay. I pushed straw aside; next to the shoe was Lennys small pup, motionless. My mouth dropped in amazement. The pup wasnt the only dead thing in the barn. Curleys wife was there under the straw next to her magenta shoe. The rosey colour of her cheeks had faded into a pale bluish colour.

“Damnit, Lenny!!” I began to cry. “I hate you! I hate you!” But I really didnt hate Lenny; he was always just messing things up and making my life miserable. There I kneeled, trying to decide what to do. I acted quickly.

“Ouch!” I said aloud. My teeth clenched in pain as the bright scarlet blood seeped out of my finger. I closed my pocket knife. The pups corpse was now covered in blood and placed next to its mother in the corner. “Its okay, Lulu,” I said as I smeared blood onto her ivory teeth and golden brown fur. The pup was now taken care of. But what was I going to do with the ladys body? What

about the lady? I hid her body underneath

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