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Analysis of Blairville Elementary Ð- “A House Divided”
Two main change issues in this school: principal and plan to raise EQAO results
The Principal
Leadership style
first year principal made a good impression with “articulate newsletters and strong organizational skills”
staff feel principal is currently micro-managing the staff
insists on being at all committee meetings
dominates meeting agendas
weekly memos with growing list of expectations and personal reflections (how to improve or “adjust(ed) according to his specifications”
teachers must hand in weekly lesson plans
all communication (letters) to parents must be pre-approved
duty schedule and absences must go through principal
no more keys for equipment Ð- must go through him
call from union reps alerting principal to growing sentiments only made matters worse
not building trust/respect Ð- teachers feel arent trusted (refer to June 6? Article about leaders who build trust)
“dictating” leadership vs shared leadership
June 6 article about principal in very controlled school
Principal knew who “supprted him” (or silently resisted at least) vs those who werent willing to “submit to his ways” Ð- showed favouritism
This caused a greater split between the staff
Dealing with Resistance:
How he deals with resistance to himself Ð- manipulates or plays on friendship/support.
Dealing with resistance to new program: “kill the messenger” Ð- get out if you dont like the changes, etc. Only he can win. needs new approach Ð- to positively re-culture the school (b/c school has been re-cultured with his arrival into a tense, unprofessional environment. Needs to nurture collegiality, build trust and share leadership)

Formally Implementing change following poor EQAO results:
on own created plan Д to appropriately implement change with little resistance/more acceptance, teachers must be involved in the process. School community needs a “shared vision” Ð- even involve the parents and/or students, but dont do it alone Ð- can not effectively implement of sustain change alone

many teachers wanted to be a part of the change process but were excluded. Д teachers want to feel like and be treated as professionals
Implement plan immediately see “results” fast Д change needs time Ð- time to be created and implemented. Long term results.
Contrived Collegiality Д principal has the right idea Ð- rearranges schedule so that teachers plan/work together, however he forces the situation Д teachers need to want to work together and the culture needs support this initiative. If he only had involved the teachers, perhaps they would have

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