Multicultural Education Scenario
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As a teacher of language arts and social studies at Happy Valley Elementary School for a multi cultural education to be effective in the classroom I would use societal and economical factors. Using societal and economical factors in teaching would significantly improve the lack of cultural diversity in the classroom. Integrating multicultural education in schools is beneficial for the reduction of cultural stereotyping and the performance of minority groups. Children, who learn in diverse classrooms reduce enmities among all ethnic groups, improve the performances of minority groups, and present an equivalent educational experience for all students.

As an educator of multi cultural students, I would first incorporate a seating arrangement that would mix all minority groups within the classroom. Seating arrangements give the students the opportunity to observe each other and the student’s different cultures. Students can learn to communicate more effectively regardless of culture or social inclusiveness. A well-designed seating arrangement would also be beneficial to students of special needs. Students placed in the most effective position within the classroom can help fellow classmates meet their learning needs. Students can also share materials with their classmates who may not have the required materials for learning. Students can contribute to one another’s weaknesses and strengths when using a seating arrangement.

Another step as an educator of multi cultural students, I would implement activities such as cultural luncheons. Cultural luncheons would give students the opportunity to introduce their traditions, customs, and ethnicities to the classroom. Luncheons also provide social interaction, which allows students to discuss traditions and experiences. Luncheons can also present students with social awareness and information on ways diversity exists. Students with financial hardships get the opportunity to explore a variety of cuisines that their families cannot provide.

Assigning art projects is an additional resource available that I can use to educate multi cultural classrooms. Art can play a significant role in shaping and recording student’s cultural backgrounds and lifestyle. Art projects are ways for students with financial, physical, or learning irregularities to express themselves. Art also gives students a way of communication. Students may discover a variety of unique tools used by their peers to accomplish the project. Students can contribute to the education of their peers by creating works of art derived from their way of life.

Music can provide teachers of multi cultural classrooms assistance with learning development. Music can encourage students to participate in learning exercises that would normally be uninteresting. Music can inspire underprivileged, handicapped, and multi cultural students an inviting learning environment. Music

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