Why Cant We Work As A Team
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Crystal Motors needs to empower their workers and expand their duties/obligations to include fixing problems not only in their area of expertise, but also allow them to fix other problems they find while doing their assigned tasks. When you empower your employees and engaged them and make them feel important, then it will show in their quality of work but they will feel good about what they are doing. When leaders involve the whole team, they usually get better results.

2. Workers should be trained to do multiple tasks, make the entire service staff accountable for ensuring cars are safe and ready to be returned to customers, and promote a culture of communication between departments to ensure all problems are fixed. If the lines of communication are always open, then everyone knows what is going all at all times. Also, if workers are trained too do multiple tasks, then not only are they valuable to the company but they also are valuable to the group. This is important because employees can learn from each other and they can help each other out. After all, that is what team work is all about.

Team work is essential for any organization to be successful. Reardon, points out that in any organization you have to be able to work as a team, and be able to trust your peers. Without teamwork and trust, the organization will fail. Reardon does a little role playing with a skit about two co-workers. Fred and Bill were working on a project along with Susie. Well Susie had a personal issue with Fred. So Fred and Susie did not get along. Well before their big meeting Fred and Susie had a big argument, and it made matters worse. This is not only bad, but it creates a hostile work environment. But, the Reardon verses what happens, Susie and Fred have a one on one meeting, and they resolve the issue before their big group meeting. Team work not only helps organization, but it also helps people to learn from

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