Of Mice & Men
Of Mice & Men
These three characters have come to dead ends in their lives. I feel sorry for Crooks Curley’s wife and Candy. Crooks is black in a white mans world and he has been wounded by a horse. Curley’s wife could of accomplished more in life than just being a house wife. Candy is old and handicapped and will soon be unable to work.

Curley’s wife has reached a dead end in her life she explains to Lenny in the barn that she could have been in pictures but the letter never came from Hollywood. She also expresses deep remorse about marrying Curley. She is a perfect example of a woman trapped in a mans world she is forbidden to talk to anyone else on the farm “I cannot

talk to no one but Curley else he gets mad”( top of page 87) and she is not able to work on the ranch she essentially exists just to serve her husband. This is why I feel sorry for Curley’s wife

but she is not the only character that has reached a dead end in their life.
Crooks has also come to a dead end in his life. He is living in a time where he is judged by the color of his skin and not the content of his character. He has been injured by a horse witch limits the amount of work he can contribute on the ranch. He also lives in a barn away from the other ranch workers these results in crooks being isolated during free time when the other workers take part in social events like card games. I feel sorry for crooks because he has come to a dead end in his

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