The Corporation
ROSTARIZA BINTI ABDUL RASHIDSubmission for Option B with Words Counts 1745″The Corporation” is a documentary film directed by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott that mimics a critique of the modern-day corporations as a danger to society. This documentary reveals on days when it was 150 years ago, it seems to have no interest for corporations to become part of the society that involve with peoples lives around. Corporations only interest in profit but not in matters of public good. In addition, they are dangerous to society and sustainable development. In addition, the government did not effectively respond to malicious behaviour of companies.Now days, the situation has changed dramatically, there was an awareness of the importance of corporate is becoming increasingly important as the religious aspects and ethical values, where some parts of the culture of government and country around the world. Corporation has achieved very considerable powers and thus influenced by the lives of the people. Before going further, let’s look at what is the corporation is all about. The corporation is one of the forms of corporation ownership that consist with a group of individuals that are closely worked together in achieving a variety of objectives. Its main aim is to earn large, grow, sustain, with a return that is legal for the people that is owned the corporation. Initially, by look at both, law and culture aspect, the corporation is supposed to be a gift for the people themselves that is aiming to serve the public goods. However, after the Civil War and the Industrial Revolution, there has been a major impact in growth of the corporations role that saw an expansion of industries such as manufacturing, banking, land and others. As their wealth has been increasingly growing, they realized that the current placement of corporate form had a number of constraints that is holding them in term of generating more wealth. Hence, by hiring brilliant corporate lawyers with a purpose of removing those constraints in order for the corporation to generate more wealth thus becoming greedier at the end that saw the people were stripped off from the right that was previously installed in the first place. To grant those rights and protections that people enjoy, innovation of this law gives the company the freedom to grow. “If a corporation is a person, what kind of a person is it?” as asked by the documentary film. As it turns out, its the type of person who has no regard for the safety of others — the type of person who is unpredictable and who harms society, the environment and the people around. Basically, if go down through the checklist, its the kind of person who is classified as a psychopath. And this is the mental characteristic of the corporation. It is psychopathic in a technically defined mental disorders kind of way. If you look at how corporations act, they are psychopathic. This helps explain why companies such as large pharmaceutical firms can continue to market and sell the products they know, literally, kill people, but can manage to keep them in the market after years because they generate profits.

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