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j”Sharper competitiveness of Singapore adoption of cloud computing. Enhance vibrancy and growth of infocom sector through development of cloud ecosystem.”- NGP.

In this essay will examine the measured and the critical analysis on Ciscos environment where it operates. The one service that is going to be focused on this essay is Ciscos cloud computing. Through the external environment; mega and task, to look into how significantly influences it leaves an impact on cloud computing service.

This external environmental analysis allows reader to distinguish potential of Ciscos cloud computing service its potentials and also threats. These points will also cover how Cisco Singapore may face its operations in Singapore. The focus for this analysis is mainly for SMEs (small and medium enterprises).

Cisco Expansion towards Cloud Computing
Firstly, this analysis will start off with a broader environmental analysis which is the mega environment of Cisco cloud computing services. Cisco cloud computing is a latest prototype on how information and services are being consumed and provided. With this cloud computing it ceases the opportunity to dynamically scale IT resources and make applications and services easier than ever to access. This service provided by Cisco enables its customer to build clouds, including networking, security, data centre and unified computing solutions, systems management, and modular cloud elements.

With cloud computing services by Cisco being available in Singapore there are factors that this report will focus on. The mega environment analysis that will be covered will look into on how these five main elements responded to the organization; Political, economic, sociocultural, technology and international elements around the Asia Pacific region.

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