Thinking Outside The Box
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Thinking beyond the norm is sometimes referred to as thinking “outside the box”, but for those that are typically logical or strategical thinkers, where do you start to become a creative thinking? What value does this ability bring you and others around you? Creative thinking, the ability to have fresh alternatives, have new possibilities, formulate new approaches to getting things done, and open ones self to new information that doesnt support your existing assumptions about the way people should do things in your company or life. When creatively thinking, more efficient processes, more innovative product ideas, and better ways to serve customers are created. Techniques that assist in stimulating creative thinking: Challenge your assumptions, welcome provocation, envision an ideal world, gather others perspectives, create the right environment. (Collis) Unlike scientific thinking, based on data, information, and evidence (Paul/Elder, 2003), creative thinking allows you to use your imagine to come to an end solution. We have discussed how the military has its military decision making process, how it blends the lines of logical, scientific, and creative thinking. It is a great overall reflection of Critical Thinking in nearly its entirety. Another demonstration of creative thinking is with a company like 3M. Dick Drew, an inventor for 3M at one time, was working on perfecting his masking tape. When told to stop by his management and return to improving wet-dry sandpaper, he ignored his boss and continued on. (Michalko, 2007)Through Dick Drews ingenuity and due diligence, he believed in what he could do, and as a result 3M emerged from a near failed company to one of the greatest success stories in economic history. Its management style of promoting creative thinking vs. strategical or logical is constantly being studied and published.

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