Creation Of Adam V The Crucificition
Essay Preview: Creation Of Adam V The Crucificition
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Creation of Adam V The Crucifiction
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The Creation of Adam is basically the embodiment of High Renaissance done by arguably the most talented artist the Western World has ever seen. The creation of Adam is high atop the Sistine Chapel ceiling and is the center panel of a massive undertaking. The painting has a central theme of God and Adam coming together to produce life. The Nude Adam, with a perfectly sculpted body, looks at God and tries to reach out. While some say Adam is getting life from God, others believe it is a soul, while others argue that it is the capability to reason. Regardless, the things that make it classical are the perfect proportions. The bodies are perfectly proportioned in comparison to other parts, and they are beautifully restrained. Both faces show little to no emotion, only a solemn stare. The painting suggests that God is about to give Adam the “divine spark” which will ignite him to life. But it is the overall church-related importance that should be noted. It is an upbeat depiction of God and the creation of mankind. The figures are all beautiful in scale, proportion, subject matter, restraint, and simplicity. The picture speaks not through facial expressions but through the 2 fingers trying to make contact. This simplifies the picture, gives it a central focus, a focal point, and encompasses all that is High Renaissance.

Matthias Gruenewalds The Crucifiction, however, speaks through a much different medium. Michelangelo stayed true to High Renaissance ideals of restraint and harmony throughout his painting. Gruenewalds interpretation of The crucifixion

stands in stark contrast with Michelangelos painting because all regard for restraint and harmony is tossed aside. Gruenewalds altarpiece shows a skinny, pale, dying Christ going through an immense amount of pain. Steering away from harmony,

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