Law and Its Implications
Essay Preview: Law and Its Implications
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The purpose of the assignment is to require you to critically analyse your reading and research of the subject from a legal risk point of view. A failure to take account of the legal regime(s) or systems that traders operate in can give rise to increased legal risk which may have a substantial impacton the profitability or otherwise of international commercial transactions.

INSTRUCTIONS: Answer the following:
Cowan Davies PLC (an English subsidiary company of CD Inc,a company based in Alabama, USA), owns a factory in Reading, Berkshire, in England which specialises in making high quality copper tubing. A recent fact finding visit to south east Asia by a sales and technical team evaluated whether or not there was an export market in the region. The preliminary results of the teams evaluation are that there is considerable potential for sales of copper tubing in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and possibly Cambodia. A recent board meeting of Cowan Davies PLC agreed in principle that funds should be committed to develop this export potential. To this end a small team has been set up to deal with the managerial, technical, sales and legal aspects. You have been appointed to deal with the legal aspects of exporting to this region. You should be aware that the only experience Cowan Davies PLC has in overseas sales is by way of branch offices in several West African countries.

Prepare a paper for consideration by the board of directors critically assessing the legal risks the company will be exposing itself to if it embarks on sales to this region of Asia.

READING LIST: see weeks 1, 2 &3.
WARNING: do not copy material without referencing it; to do so is called plagiarism and is subject to University disciplinary proceedings. Copying and referencing material and ideas is research and is to your credit. You will be assessed on the quality of research, referencing and bibliography. Do not use Wikipedia, it is not an authoritative legal source. A board of directors would not wish to base commercial decisions on such a source. You are likely to fail this coursework by using it.

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