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Lesson Plan for Race Class
Lesson Plan for Race Class
1. Course Description: Study of historical and contemporary race relations. We will
Study how racism was created and how it is still present in society today. Examine how
modern racism is in a way masked through language and actions.
Course Objectives:
Show how racism effects the community as a whole not just certain groups.
Study past problems and show what affects it still has on today’s society.
Identify the different forms of prejudice.
Show how people unconsciously through language seem to justify racism
Identify how racism began and possible solutions.
Recognize the problem with categorizing by race.
Explore explanations for discrimination and inequality
Course format: The class will meet once a week for 2 hours. The class will consist of
lecture, discussion, group work, movies, and a fieldtrip.
Course Outline:
Week 1: Introduction to the course. Discuss expectations and fears of the course.
Prejudice vs. Discrimination. Talk about how prejudice is learned and perpetuated.
Week 2: How is race defined? Is race determined socially or biologically, or both? Talk about good and bad things associated with black and white.
Week 3: Show “Racism 101”. Discuss how people change slower than institutions. Has the concept of “race” changed over time?
Week 4: Talk about language, present clips from TV shows or movies

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