The Boxes of Life
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Boxes of Life
There are many factors that contribute to what society thinks of us. The way we dress, the music we listen to, and the activities that we participate in are a few that really “allow” society to put us into these boxes of conformity. And while these things we do are representations of ourselves, they dont always mean the same to us as they do to society.

The ways I dress and act have always been hard for me to “box-up.” I think that I fall into a couple of different categories, and do things in all of the different categories with all types of people. For example, when talking about ones attire, there are a couple of major groups that you can stereotype together. There are, of course, the “preppy” styles, the “I dont care” looks, and the “gothic” looks. Now I think there are different bits and pieces of all of these groups that I can put myself in. But this doesnt just apply to the clothes that you choose to wear. It also groups you into what activities you normally partake in, and the different things you like. And, no

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