The Vicious Circle
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The Vicious Circle
Thailand has been in this vicious Circle for more than half a century and this trend is not yet likely to over. All of this is first happening at 1932 when Kana Rasadorn which compose of young military and civilian officers those who educated abroad. They have come to power by Coup detat called “bloodless Siamese revolution” which transform Thai Government to a constitution monarchy. In 1933, the first serious conflict occurred since Pridi issued a new economic plan for the nation but the plan was condemned immediately as being communist. Then again Prince Bovoradej who try to revolt but failed. At that time Phibun was a PM but because of losing in WorldWar2 forced him to resign as he allied with the Axis. Then Pridi has became Thailand first democratically elected PM but then forced to resign because of the death of king rama8. Then again another coup detat by general Phin-general Phao which is military ruler brought Phibun back and made him a new PM. Later in 1958, Sarit ousted Phibun for good.

His regime royalists and military became alliance. Thanom came to power after the death of Sarit. His regime is lasted from 1964-1973 but a protest against him for freedom and personal right has occurred. Though the death of many students in 14 October 1973, they win the coup and new constitution has created again. Then has past to General Prem Tinsulanonds era from 1981-1988. Afterwards Chatichai Choonhavan has become elected PM but because of severe corruption led to another coup detat by Suchinda Kraprayoon in 1991 after the coup Anand Panyarachun became temporary PM. Then Sujinda who promised not to be a PM became a PM by elections. Suchinda ordered to kill a lot of people in 17 May 1992 and has lasted until the king intervention in May20. The country has enjoy several years of peace for almost 2 decades until Thaksins era which have lots of corruption so lead to another coup in 19 September 2006 and new constitution and election has occurred but still this vicious circle has not seem to be stopped.

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