Bad Representation of Blindness
Essay Preview: Bad Representation of Blindness
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In the world there are some people who deny, lack the understanding, and react to challenges in silly ways. Now, I can think of one specific country that does this all. The Country of the Blind. This is a place where it seems to me that judgments are okay. So here comes the hypocritical story of what they “see”.

First, the people from The Country of the Blind were positively in denial. They led themselves to believe that they were the only people on earth, and that outside the walls of their country was the end of the world. There were no such things as colors shapes or sizes. When Nunez tried to explain to the people about trees they just thought he was crazy. They didnt understand the picture he was painting for them. The truth was that they were just denying the fact that they were incredibly wrong. They just couldnt have faith in him. In reality the blind people are just like people who suffer from bulimia. I compare these two examples because like the people from “The Country of the Blind” bulimic people are in denial they always think theyre fat when they really arent. Bulimic people need to step away from the mirror and the blind people need to take the step in believing that Nunez is not lying to him. Trust is what needs to happen in all countries all over the world even in The Country of the Blind.

Next is the fact that they just didnt understand this is because they were in denial. People not understanding made it hard for Nunez to be what he wanted to be. A leader. Nunez believed that he would rule the kingdom, but he soon found out that “the one eyed man is king”. Since the blind people couldnt understand what “seeing” was they thought Nunez was an idiot. They tried to force him away when he made an almost fatal mistake by hitting a blind man. The blind men thought that this was his way of expressing his anger toward them. They simply didnt understand.

Is the disease blindness or, is it having the ability to see? The people in the little country had figured out what was making Nunez act so differently than them. It was those things bulging out of his face, those things he called “eyes”. They were diseased. They told him he was to go under the knife, plastic surgery to remove the tumors that were causing this reaction. However if he lost his life he would no longer be able to see the love of his life Marina-Sarote, even she pushed him. “And you would be going through this pain–you are going through it, dear lover, for me”she told. A harsh reality, in which he had to face. In the end they lived happily ever after. He maintained his sight and love for her.

In the end people who suffer from being blind are portrayed in a horrible fashion. In all reality they may not be able to see but they dont think people who can are idiots. People who can see are not diseased and people who are blind do not

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