The Love for American Football
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Someone who is from another country like yourself, may believe
that life in the United States is very diverse from life anywhere else. Countless people from other countries have a completely distorted image of how we may live here in America and the mentalities that we all possess. Not all of us are spoiled, overweight, or are obsessed with football. All of us are completely different for the most part, and are actually

concerned about what is occurring
in the world today. However, I do believe
I can say that most Americans are proud to be here, and proud to represent the United States, and that pride and love is shared by everyone, kind of like a big family. Just like other countries, there are things that the people just tend to be attracted to more than another group of people would. For example, in Mexico, soccer (futbol) is huge, and almost everyone over there is crazy about it, but here in the United States, soccer doesnt

hold near as many fans. Since you dont really know a lot aobut the life in the United States, and the things all americans seem to enjoy, I would love to enlighten you to the one thing that I believe

is totally “American”. And of course, I would have to say its football. Now, no all of us Americans enjoy the hazardous sport, but about nine out of ten of us absolutely adore it (including myself). The competition and the thrill that you get from watching breathtaking game, will most likely have you sitting at the edge of your seat, not wanting to miss a minute of what you are seeing take place on the television screen. The runs, the cheers, the interceptions, the touchdowns, and most of all the victory when its all over, is what I believe

makes football what it is today in the society of Amercians. If you were to meet another

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