Emirates Airline Case
TEAM NUMBER: 6  Value Chain Analysis.  What resources and capabilities support Emirates Airline’s activities?  How does each activity contribute to differentiation and cost advantages?ACTIVITYRESOURCES & CAPABILITIESDIFFERENTIATION & COST ADVANTAGESExtended range flightsA380 ER and 777X planes; Differentiation Advantage – Largest extended range fleet in the industry; Cost advantage – flex tracks re-routes plane to avoid bad weather, utilize jet stream and shorten flight duration (lower fuel usage)Customer service / luxuryEmployees; lounge; shower spas; full service walk-up bar; big-ass screensDifferentiation Advantage- Increased proportion of premium seats; diverse workforce where no single nationality was overrepresented; 30/70 rule for home country/other routes for crew membersRoute planning / expansionMarket research in demand; Central/strategic location; strong political alliances in new development locations; Differentiation Advantage – first to market offering under-served routes; Alternative to high-traffic/traditional European hubs; extended layover for tourism in DubaiMarketingSports team sponsorships; event sponsorships; ad campaigns focused on high-end amenities and audiencesDifferentiation Advantage – Innovative brand placement (umpire uniforms, goalposts, etc.); Focus on most popular sport in each region (soccer, golf, tennis, cricket); promote premium in-flight experienceResource/Capability Appraisal.  How sustainable is Emirates Airlines’ competitive advantage?  Identify key resources and capabilities (i.e., those that are important for success in the industry) from your value chain analysis.  Appraise their contributions to Emirates’ competitive advantage.  Refer to the criteria in “Appraising Resources and Capabilities” slide in today’s PowerPoint presentation (Grant’s Figure 5.7).  Record conclusions and managerial implications from your appraisal in the right column.

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