The Nature of Man by Robinson Jeffers
Essay Preview: The Nature of Man by Robinson Jeffers
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The Nature of Man by Robinson Jeffers
Robinson Jeffers is one of the twentieth centuries most important and controversial poets. He, like others in history, has tried to give his opinion about life. Many poets in the twentieth century focused on issues affecting mankind, Jeffers is no exception. Most of his work was inspired by his surroundings. Ones environment is great source for poetic inspiration. Poets come and go, but their ideas are kept alive through their poems. Whether they are a hundred or ten years old, these poems hold ideas in them which are still interesting now as they were back then. It seems that poets are always passionate about their work. They should be, since it expresses who they are and what they believe in through writing. One tends to write about what one knows or feels one might know. Feelings control our mind and our mind controls our actions. How we feel can be determined by external forces. Sometimes, one lets emotions run wild which can cause our work to be accepted or rejected by others.

One must not worry about writing something which might cause a brush off by society. However, writings such as these can create a cold shoulder for ones future work. Then again, poetry is used to express oneself. Society will only encourage radical behavior to continue and who knows, ones ideas might generate a fan base. A poet cannot please everyone. There are some emotions which will be seen as pleasant ideas and some which will seem disrespectful. Poetry, that is controversial, seems to captivate an audience and it accomplishes ones lofty goals. Ones courageous work commands respect, whether the reader agrees with the ideas or not. Poems are intended to force the audience to see ones views. Though the readers views often contradict your own, the most important part is to make them consider new ideas and better understand the issues. Although, many of issues will never be understood.

Poets often tend to write openly about this. Man is involved with everything in this world. Mankind as a whole has progressed in knowledge and technology. In other areas, on the other hand, it has stayed the same or has gotten worst. Poets for centuries have written about man. Few, have written using facts. Yet more have written using their opinions. Thousands of books have been written about man, but the ones that stand out are the ones society tends to reject. We do not needs these books to know what is in them, because we see it with our eyes. However, it is much easier to read about man and do nothing, than to see it and do nothing. One should be aware of the freedom expressing ones convictions boldly and forthrightly. Whether it is about mankind or not. Positive or negative ideas are always shown. They can uplift the human spirit or condemn it. Society picks out individual ideas and throws away what might seem too radical. One must wonder why. Is there something we need to know, who knows. It seems that in a country were freedom of speech is promoted, it is also taken away. On must push forward for new knowledge. Whether it comes from societies rejected ideas or not. Poems can be or are the most pure form of expression. It can do many marvelous things to man.

From narrative poetry to the other forms of it, truth matters in poetry. One wonders if artistic truth has limitations, and how do other forms of truth stand up. Poetry is language organized to aesthetic purposes. Like a bar of music, a phrase in a poem has the power to immediately call up whole ranges of possibilities and expectations. All poets borrow, but where good poets improve on their borrowing, the bad diminish. Much of what is published today is to the interest of the public reader for entertainment. Poets must therefore understand their business of what they want to do, and the price they have to pay. Does one write merely to entertain or does one write to show forms of personal expressions. This decision should be based on the way the poet wants to bee seen. Poetry comes in many forms. Much has come form schools, creative writing courses, and even prison. There are no real recipe or instructions for a good poem so no matter where you are; poetry is always a way of escape.

An important factor to remember is that poetry is a calling not a career and only adolescents strut around as wannabe poets. Despite exhortation, hype, and extensive funding poetry is no longer the queen of the arts. It has a minority status which is worthy but is not courted by publishers or the media as it once did. Poetry is still the workshop of language and things that can be explored. Its still the innovative, exciting, and significant of todays writings. Contributing to it is to join a selected community and it ensures ones kinship with writers of the past. To truly belong with them, one must look at their work. Then ask how it is similar or different from ones own. Earlier writers wrote controversial and non-controversial topics. Distinguishing oneself from others is a very important stop for self promotion. Writers who stick with one form of writing are not as popular that those who take risk. If ones work is to be expressed then one has to stand up for it while others might reject it. That is when a true poet shows out. They do not crumble under harsh criticism. There are some topics which are off limits to some but if you believe strongly for it, or against it, then stand up and express what it is one has to say.

As Ive said earlier, society will disown you if need be but one must not lose focus on the main goals on is trying to accomplish. Mankind for example, is a topic of distinct attributes. Poets write about life, love, and romanticism in general. Although, poets never tend to write about ideas, which are not so great towards man. Poems which include tragedy always tend to have some type of twist at the end, making man seem honorable. It becomes a love poem or a comedy. This is what society has accepted. However, what about the ideas and works of man society has rejected. Do we ignore them? Poets have strayed from telling what could be true about man. Robinson Jeffers on the other hand has not. He stays strong no matter what the criticism. Jeffers has taken heat for his work but he stood by it to the very end. He has been able to express an promote his ideas like few poets in history have been able to. Therefore, Robinson Jeffers expresses the nature of man through religion, corruption, and human frailties.

Robinson Jeffers has a reputation as a bitter and misanthropic poet. Misanthropic, is defined as a hatred or mistrustful scorn for mankind. Subordinate themes in Jefferss poetry show the truth of human instability, confrontation of pain, and the acceptance of God on

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