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Quintacan is a beautiful tourist spot that was discover last year , at that place after their recovery to the typoon yolanda , they make a program , children, teenager, and others they incourage to plant any kind of trees so that can protect the island for any typhoon after the program og planting trees . people of that island they have a genuine smile that can make their island prettier .

Even though they encounter a lot of typhoon in that island but they fight for their self and to their family , many challenges that they must to face by their self , children and teenager fighting for their future , that they can had a contented life , that they can never felt a hurt because of how poor they are when it comes for their lifestyle . challenges must be need an acceptance , because god gave it because you over come our life is too short so we give an importance of our self too not only for our family and especial someone also to sou self

Some people says their life is full off shits , we dont know the reasons why , they can say it so people have any kind of reasons in life we need to ingnore their and fucos to our own life so thay we can create sny imaginations that we want to make in. Our life being a teenagers or a children .

Meeting a lot of people in this world is a beautiful travelog evet in our life so we must enjoy it and give them importance.

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