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Welcome to MSN® Hotmail®. Youre now a member of the worlds largest free Web-based e-mail service. With advanced features such as junk e-mail filters to stop most unsolicited messages from reaching your inbox, and calendar and contact management tools to help keep you organized, Hotmail isnt just the most popular e-mail choice–its the smart choice.

Feel more secure – Keep your messages and inbox free from contamination with powerful spam filters, virus scanning and cleaning, and privacy protection.

Easily connect & share – Send and receive e-mail from any Web connection.
Express Yourself – Have fun personalizing e-mail to friends and family with unique emoticons, signatures, background choices, fonts, and layout styles.

Here are some quick and simple ways to make the most of your helpful Hotmail tools right away.
Announce your change of address.
Moving from another online service? Dont forget to send your friends and family a change-of-address e-mail, notifying them of your new MSN Hotmail address. Once your new e-mail arrives, simply click Save Address to add the senders name and e-mail address to your Contacts list for easy access when composing new messages.

Save your contacts to Hotmail–its fast and easy.
Growing your Hotmail Contacts list saves you time in a number of ways. If you build your Contacts list, you dont have to type each individual address when writing e-mail. You can simply select from the individuals or groups in your Contacts list–and send. Even better, with Hotmail you can check your e-mail from any computer with an internet connection, and your Contacts list is always available to you, even if youre not using your own computer. No need to remember an e-mail address–it will be right there in your Contacts list.

Ready to add a new contact? Just follow these three easy steps:
1. Click the Contacts tab.
2. Click the New drop-down arrow and select Contact.
3. Fill in your contacts details and click Save.
Dont forget–you

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